Whenever you found an unused Service Provider linked to your DNS but don't wish to remove them yet, you can simply disable them so it will not be included when a DNS lookup is running. Disabling a Service Provider will reduce your DNS lookups. 

If you're wondering where to look for all of your DNS-linked Service Providers, their netblocks, and SPF Records, you can find that on your AutoSPF "Tracked includes tree" section.

When you need assistance on how to get into your Domain's SPF records page in order to perform the following steps, check this article.

Please note that we may change the user interface of the application but you can still look for the Tracked Includes tree section on your Domain's SPF records page.

Here are the steps on how to safely disable your unused Serviced Providers from your SPF Record: 

  1. For this scenario, let's say sendgrid.net is a Service Provider that you are no longer using but is still configured on your record.
  2. Navigate to your SPF Manager section, expand the accordion for where the Service is linked to, scroll to the unused Service Provider, and untick the box beside it. Unchecking the box keeps the Record on file but excludes the Service on the lookup, thus decreasing the number of lookups performed.

  3. Click on the Preview SPF record to see how both the Unflattened and Flattened record count will be impacted by this action. In this scenario, disabling sendgrid.net on the record reduced the Unflattened record lookup from 13 to 11. There are scenarios where disabling a Service Provider can reduce a significant value on both the Unflattened And Flattened record. However, what matters is the Flattened Record if you are using our AutoSPF Flattening solution.

  4. Finally, make sure to save the changes you made by clicking on the SAVE button.