Having duplicate IPs on your Domain SPF record fails an email SPF authentication and returns a PermError that's why you need to fix it. AutoSPF automatically detects any duplicate IPs on your SPF record. Duplicate IPs will be displayed on the "Duplicate" section on your Domain SPF Manager page as shown in the screenshot below:
Please note that if there are no duplicates detected, the "Duplicate" section won't be visible. We may be changing the user interface but we'll keep the Duplicates accessible to your Domain SPF record page if there are duplicate IPs detected.

Below are the steps on how to identify which Service Provider causes the duplicate IP and how to remove it:

  1. Navigate to your Domains Dashboard and select the Domain that you wanted to manage the SPF record of.

  2. Next, you'll be redirected to its SPF records page. Check if you'll find a section for "Duplicates". If the Duplicates section isn't appearing, that means there are no current duplicated IPs detected for the selected domain's SPF record, which is a good indication. On the contrary, seeing this section means you need to have some work to do by removing the detected duplicated IPs. 

  3. The Occurrences column in the Duplicates section indicates the number of times that the IP has been duplicated on your SPF record. You need to highlight and copy the duplicate IP address from this section.

  4. Then, scroll to the "Tracked includes tree" section and paste the IP address to the "Filter by netblock" field.

  5. It will immediately return the result of the matching IP address. In the given sample screenshot below, you'll find what the duplicate IP is and its current location on your SPF records.

  6.  Now that you have identified the duplicate IPs, scroll to the SPF Manager section and look for one of the "include" records that caused the duplicated IP, hover over it, and click on the "Remove" button. This action will remove the duplicated IP address on your view, yet the changes haven't been applied to the live environment until you save it.

  7. Scroll a little bit down and click the SAVE button to implement your changes to live.

  8. Finally, to confirm if you have removed the duplicate IP on your SPF record, scroll down and check on the "Duplicates" section again by looking for the same IP that you just removed from the record. If it no longer appears in the "Duplicate" section, that means the duplicate has been successfully removed.

Video Navigation Guide: 

Please note that we may change the user interface in the future, however, you may always check on the SPF records page for how you will be able to identify and remove a duplicate IP on your Domain SPF record.