Receiving alerts real-time about the activities that you wanted to monitor on your AutoSPF account is important to the business, thus, we provide you with this functionality. 

Steps to add an email address to your AutoSPF account which you can use to set up alerts:

  1. On your left Nav bar, go to "Your Settings"

  2. Next, from the Settings Menu on the page, select "Emails"Screenshot of: Click "Emails"

  3. In the email field, enter the email address you want to send the alert.Screenshot of: Click this text field.

  4. Then click on the "Add email" button.  Screenshot of: Click here.

  5. If the email address you've just added is not yet verified, a verification email will be sent to that email address similar to what's shown below.

  6. You can also view the current status of the email on your Emails page. If you haven't received any verification email in your inbox, please check your All Mail and your Spam folder. If it hasn't been delivered, you can trigger another verification email by clicking the "Resend activation link" button on your autoSPF > Emails page as shown in the screenshot below.
    Once the email you've added has been verified, you can set up the alert to it.

Steps to set up Alerts to your verified email address:

  1. From your left Nav bar, click on "Alerts."Screenshot of: Click "Alerts"

  2. On the Alerts page, click on the Name field and create a name that best describes the type of alert you're creating.  Screenshot of: Click this text field.

  3. Click on the Domain drop-down and select the Domain you wanted to create this alert for.Screenshot of: Click this dropdown.

  4. Ensure that the "Enabled" checkbox is ticked to ensure that your Alert will be active once created

  5. Check the "Mail" option as the "Receive on" to allow you to receive Alerts to your email.
    Screenshot of: Click "Mail"

  6. Check the "Webhook" option as the "Receive on" to tell your AutoSPF app where you wanted your alert to be sent.Screenshot of: Click here.

  7. Then click on the email drop-down. Only those verified email addresses will appear on the drop-down selection. Choose the email where you wish to receive the Alerts.Screenshot of: Click this dropdown.

  8. On the Webhook field, enter the Webhook URL of your receiving app which your alerts will be pushed to.Screenshot of: Click "Name Domain Enabled  
Receive on: Mail Webhook 
E-Mail You can only select confirmed email addresses. Mana..."

  9. Finally, click on the "ADD ALERT" button.Screenshot of: Click "ADD ALERT"

Tada! Your alert has been successfully set up. You can now start testing your Alerts. [This article is not yet complete. Waiting for an answer from Brad about what types of Alerts can the user be able to receive. By knowing this, we'll be able to define how to test if the Alert that was set up is working properly.]

Quick Video Guide:

Please note that we may change the user interface in the future, however, you may always check on the AutoSPF Settings to find the Alerts feature.