If you're an Enterprise user or a Mail Service Provider (MPS) utilizing the Teams feature on your AutoSPF account, you'll more likely be needing to assign a particular Domain to each of your respective Teams.

Admin Case scenarios when assigning a Domain to a Team:

  1. While creating a new Domain, or
  2. An existing Domain on your AutoSPF record that you wish to assign to a Team or reassign from one team to another

Here are the steps to assign a Domain to a Team: 

  1. As an Admin, while you are adding a new Domain in your AutoSPF record, you'll be presented with a drop-down option to select the Team where you want to assign it. The option to select a team will only be accessible to you when you have a Team set up in your AutoSPF account.
    • If you need assistance on how to create a Team, you can visit this article.
    • If you need assistance on how to add a Domain, or multiple domains, to your AutoSPF account, follow this article.
    • If you need assistance on how to navigate to your Domain's SPF records page, check this article.

  2. When adding a new domain, you'll get a success confirmation which will auto-refresh in a few seconds and redirects to its SPF records page.

  3. On the contrary, when you have an existing domain that you wanted to assign to a Team, or when you accidentally assign the Domain to the wrong team, or you may have changed your mind and wishes to reassign it to another team, you can update it anytime from the Domain SPF records page. Simply go back to the Domain's dashboard, select the domain you wanted to assign, and it'll open the Domain SPF records page.

  4. On the SPF records page, find the section that'll provide you with the options to select the team to whom you wanted to assign it. The interface may change from what we have on the screenshot but this setting will always be on the selected Domain SPF records page.

  5. Simply point and click on the "Belongs to team" drop-down field, select the Team, and click the SAVE button to successfully update the record. Missing to click SAVE won't publish your changes.

Quick Video Guide:

Please note that we may change the user interface or how this may function in the future, however, you may check on the SPF records page to check for a section that allows assigning of a domain to a team. If you don't find it there by then, try going to Settings > Teams as it is another page where it'll be most possible to appear in case we made modifications.