The Teams feature in AutoSPF is created to allow Mail Service Providers (MSP) and Enterprise customers to provide access to their team members to manage DNS SPF records based on the permission given to a team member.

This feature is only specific to MSP and Enterprise users.

Step to set up a Team:

  1.  From the left Nav bar, navigate to "Your Settings"
  2. Next, on the Settings menu, select Teams.
  3. Then, create a new Team by filling out the "Team Name" field under the "Create Team" section.
  4. Fourth, click on Create button.
  5. When your Team has been successfully created, the record must appear under the "Current Teams" section.

  6. To add new team members or modify the existing ones, click on the Team cog icon

  7. You'll be redirected to the Team Profile page where you will be able to update the Team Photo with, probably, your brand icon, the Team Name, and the Single Sign On (SSO). If you need assistance in configuring your Teams SSO, you can visit this article.

  8. Next, navigate to the Membership Team Settings to add new members to your Team.

  9. Under the "Send Invitation" section, in the E-mail Address field, enter the email address of the Team Member that you want to send an invitation to.

  10. Click the "Send Invitation" button. An invitation to register an account in AutoSPF will be emailed to the recipient.

  11. If the invitation hasn't been accepted yet, a section called "Mailed Invitations" will be appearing on the Membership page with the list of the Team Members that you sent invitations to.
  12. As soon as the Team Member completes the registration, he will be redirected to the same exact dashboard interface as yours, however, limited to seeing the Domain SPF Records that are only assigned to the Team they are a part of. If there are no Domains assigned to their Team, they won't see any record existing on their Dashboard like the screenshot shown below. For an Admin to assign a Domain SPF record to a Team, check the "How to assign a Domain to a Team in AutoSPF?" article.

  13. On the Admin's account, the registered team member will now appear under the "Membership > Team Members" section.

  14. You can now provide or update the user permission of your existing Team Members by clicking on the cog icon next to their email addresses.
  15. There are currently three (3) permissions you can provide: 
    1. Delete Domain
    2. Add Domain
    3. Modify SPF Record
      Selected permission will display a checkmark on it.
      Click Outside of the Abilities field after selecting permissions.
      Click on the "Update" button to save the changes.
      Check with your Team Members if they have the right access as you've provided.

  16. Navigate to "View All Teams" to get back to the Team's view

Quick Video Guide:

Please note that we may change the user interface in the future, however, you may always check on AutoSPF Settings > Teams page to configure, add members and manage your Teams.